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Shock Clock 3: How I Shocked My Dangerous Sleep Habits Away

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Indiegogo staffers are placing crowdfunded merchandise to the take a look at in our new collection of sincere evaluations. On this assessment, our very personal content material creator Dane Elliott supplies a assessment of SHOCK CLOCK 3, a brand new alarm clock that wakes you up with an electrical zap. Does it reside as much as the hype? Learn on!

Ever since quarantine created an period of no-morning commitments, waking up has grow to be more and more tough. Prior to now 12 months, I’ve missed 10 days of college, 3 dates, 1 live performance, and 1 go to to grandma’s home all as a result of I can’t get away from bed. As I get older and naps are actually my pleasure sport, it appears as if waking up from a nap feeling rejuvenated has grow to be a rarity. Dropping out on that post-nap refreshed feeling and making lifelong reminiscences as a result of I lack the motivation and braveness to get away from bed is one thing I lengthy to unravel. 

I initially tried out telephone alarm apps with puzzles I needed to full earlier than the alarm would shut off. However I discovered myself finishing the puzzle in mattress, checking my emails, then spending half-hour on TikTok. By then, I used to be already late for varsity and there was no motive for me to maneuver. Telephone-based alarm options had been unable to grant me the mandatory motivation and vitality to begin my day. 

So after I discovered Pavlok created a watch designed to wake you up feeling rejuvenated within the morning, I used to be instantly intrigued. I wished to see if Pavlok’s status for creating long-lasting and modern good watches carried into their latest creation. Conventional alarm clocks left me feeling grumpy and disrupted on daily basis; their dreadful sound had grow to be a set off of kinds. The Shock Clock 3’s promised potential to vibrate, zap, and coach you awake was my final hope of changing into a morning individual and never lacking any extra necessary occasions. 

First Impressions 

The Shock Clock 3 arrived in a small, sustainable purple field. Pulling the be careful of the bundle was very satisfying; the packaging was very properly offered and aesthetic. Since I’ve bent and damaged many charging cords out of form, I used to be pleased to see a sturdy nylon woven twine that’s much less vulnerable to journey injury. 

After eradicating the watch from the packaging, I used to be instantly struck by how mild it was. In comparison with my Apple Watch, the Shock Clock 3 was like a feather. Though I used to be initially involved that the product’s light-weight design would imply it could really feel low-cost round my wrist, sleeping with the Shock Clock 3 is considerably extra comfy than my different good system. Whereas my Apple Watch feels as if it’s hugging my wrist, the Shock Clock 3 looks like it’s merely resting on it. This makes for a a lot better sleeping expertise, particularly when sleeping in your abdomen. 

The Shock Clock got here absolutely charged and able to go, so I may instantly start downloading the app and testing out all of the gadget’s options. 


Linking my iPhone to my Shock Clock was a simple and seamless course of. The watch was instantly detected by the Pavlok app, that means I may go proper in and choose what I used to be seeking to acquire from the app. From there, it was time to play with the assorted alarms and begin sleeping. It’s very simple to navigate by way of and perceive the in-app tabs.

Placing the Shock Clock 3 Alarm Sorts to the Take a look at

  • Leaping Jack Function: After waking up groggy and unmotivated, getting myself to stand up and do leaping jacks appeared like a frightening activity. So I wished to see if I may trick Pavlok into considering I used to be doing leaping jacks when in actuality I used to be simply swinging my arms above my head in mattress in a leaping jacks movement. Upon my mischievous makes an attempt, the watch wouldn’t cease beeping even with the added movement! I really needed to get away from bed and do respectable leaping jacks for the alarm to close off.  
  • QR Code: Since getting off of social media and getting away from bed is probably the most tough portion of my morning routine, I opted to position my printed QR code on the opposite aspect of my home. That method it could be virtually unattainable for me to hop again into mattress after shutting off my morning alarm. This alarm setting had no technical points, nevertheless, I like to recommend customers place their QR code outdoors of bedside attain however not too distant. Having no strategy to shut off my alarm for 30 seconds was a little bit anxious, so any more, I’m putting my QR code nearer to my bed room. 
  • Zap: WOW! I initially assumed this electrical shock characteristic to be comparatively weak, so I made a decision to up the depth by way of the Pavlok app to 75%. Upon my set alarm time, I used to be jolted away from bed wakeful. The zap characteristic did the job of getting me upright and awake, however the surprising depth left me paralyzed as I mirrored on my life selections. The next night time, I lowered the depth to 40% which nonetheless woke me up however rather more gently. 
  • Beep: The Shock Clock’s alarm sound is similar to different generic alarm clocks available on the market. The usual sound settings are efficient; I wouldn’t suggest going any louder. 
  • Vibe: The vibration characteristic is mild sufficient to the place waking up isn’t a large shock to your physique. I just like the “vibe, beep, zap” development alarm because the vibration gently wakes you up out of your sleep earlier than the zap arrives. 

Sleep Monitoring 

You realize that feeling whenever you go to mattress early however get up feeling as if you barely slept in any respect? That’s how I felt on my first night time of Shock Clock sleep monitoring. My thoughts saved leaping from activity to activity, making it unattainable for me to lastly go to sleep. 

When my alarm lastly rang, it felt like I had barely slept in any respect. Regardless of attaining seven hours of sleep, I’ve felt higher waking up on nights after I obtained three hours!

I knew the period of time I slept deeply was subsequent to nothing and was curious to see if the Pavlok app confirmed my inclination. 

As you’ll be able to see, my instinct was right and I spent extra time stressed than deeply sleeping. 

All in all, Shock Clock’s sleep monitoring app interface could be very simple to navigate and make the most of. I’m impressed with its accuracy and pleased it charges my sleep out of 100. That method I can examine my excessive and low scores to find out what I did earlier than mattress and through sleep that affected my sleep end result. 

Execs Record: High Issues I Love In regards to the Shock Clock 3

  • Light-weight and cozy 
  • Various alarm settings and options 
  • The leaping jacks characteristic’s accountability
  • Many wrist holes
  • Quick charging 
  • Can be utilized for mindfulness 
  • Sleep Monitoring

Cons Record

  • The band is a little bit tough to connect and detach from the Pavlok unit 
  • App navigation – no app-specific to Shock Clock 3 however an app is within the works 
  • At present unable to find puzzle/sport alarm perform 

Who is This For?

As a lightweight sleeper who will need to have the room pitch black and white noise to go to sleep, I used to be initially skeptical about how carrying a watch to mattress would have an effect on my already dangerous sleep habits. However the watch’s light-weight design makes the watch virtually unnoticeable, even when tossing and turning all through the night time. 

{Couples} and College students

Sharing a mattress with somebody isn’t simple. Particularly when you’ve gotten two totally different work schedules. For this reason the Shock Clock’s vibration and zap options are revolutionary! As an alternative of being forcibly woke up by your associate’s alarm clock, the vibration and zap options are robust sufficient to wake you up however mild sufficient to not disrupt anybody else within the room. 

Residing in a dorm with two different boys, I used to be subjected to totally different sleeping patterns and worsening alarms on daily basis. If my roommates and I all possessed Shock Clocks, we may have woken up for our 8 AMs with out disturbing each other’s relaxation! Once I transfer again into my dorm within the fall, I plan on gifting my roommate a Shock Clock as a welcoming current. 

The SHOCK CLOCK 3 marketing campaign closes in August 2022, so ensure that to get yours quickly! 

Wishing you excessive sleep scores and plenty of deep sleep,


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