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Play Business and investors would sue La Cervecería de Barrio for non-payment

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The seafood restaurant Cervecería de Barrio caused a stir three years ago by raising 40 million pesos via crowdfunding through the fintech Play Business . Now the franchise faces a series of lawsuits for non-payment.

La Cervecería De Barrio Oficial vía Facebook

According to El Financiero , the restaurant chain has defaulted on the payment of 2.2 million pesos in past due returns to 1,404 investors who participated in the collective financing.

Those affected have turned to social networks to pressure the fintech and the brewery to accelerate the pending payments and seek the intervention of the financial authorities.

On January 2, 2019, Play Business announced the investment opportunity in La Cervecería de Barrio under the form of crowdfunding franchises for 40 million pesos (1.9 million dollars) that would be used to open new branches of the brand in the Naples neighborhoods. and Pedregal in Mexico City and in the municipality of Metepec in the State of Mexico.

At that time , Benito Hernández, brand director of Cervecería de Barrio, said that “all Play Business investors will obtain 6.5% of sales, not only from the three new branches, but also from the active branches in Vallejo, Río Lerma and Coyoacán, which represents an annual return of between 20% and 24% for the entire time they operate, which ideally will be for the rest of your life ”.

However, after almost three years, investors say they have not received any amount of return.

What does Play Business say about the case?

On Friday, December 3, Play Business conducted a virtual conference with those involved to give details of the case in which Gustavo Romero, owner of La Cervecería de Barrio, participated and who sent a message in which he promised to pay the outstanding amount.

In the comments of the conference, – which you can see on YouTube at this link – the message reads: “On behalf of the Cerveceria de Barrio and personally we are completely willing to pay to resolve this.”
For his part, Alejandro Chávez Alor, legal director of Play Busines, commented in the broadcast that since the beginning of the year it was reported that there would be a restructuring of Cervecería de Barrio in which all the branches were going to be involved, but to date there is no information He has signed. “If they are willing to pay and resolve this on their own behalf and on behalf of the brewery, they already have our bank account.”

Play Busines has limited its communication on the matter for the time being, but announced a press conference on the case for December 15.

“With the aim of not hindering the legal process that is being carried out against La Cervecería del Barrio and Mr. Gustavo Romero Castañón and in order not to obstruct the rapprochement that said company and Mr. Romero have had with Play Business to regularize the pending payment and its contractual relationship with investors, we will soon issue a statement regarding the situation of the La Cervecería de Barrio project, “said Alejandro Chávez, Legal Director of the fintech in a statement. “Play Business, SAPI de CV, IFC, reaffirms its commitment to always act in the interest of its clients.”

Meanwhile, Cervecería de Barrio indicated that it is working to fulfill these commitments, but that the pandemic complicated its plans.

“The pandemic caused our plans to abruptly change and recovering has required more effort than our group has faced since its opening; however, today more than ever we are working to keep the brand open and we are deeply grateful to the people who have trusted us. we, as you have done, “said a statement sent to investors that El Universal collected .

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