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Opera Crypto-friendly Browser brings Ethereum L2 to Starkware users

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Opera, the company that developed the Opera web browser announced today its integration with DeversiFi.  Ethereum layer-2 exchange powered by Starkware’s scaling solution — providing cheap and instant transactions within its mobile browser wallet.

Integrating a layer-2 solution through a partnership with DeversiFi makes it easier, faster, and cheaper for Opera’s users to send ETH to each other in P2P transactions, with a layer-2 swapping feature.

DeversiFi is powered by StarkWare’s visionary StarkEx scalability engineThis makes layer-2 transactions instantaneous, 100x faster than using Ethereum layer-1. Opera is able to remove costly transaction fees for its millions of mobile users and allow instant trading.

Opera will be back in 2018 introduced the first browser with a built-in crypto walletdApp explorer and later incorporating more blockchains such as Celo and Bitcoin. Opera also has fiat-tocrypto on-ramps, which provide enhanced crypto capabilities for its iOS and desktop browsers.

Opera last month announced that it had launched its Crypto Browser project beta. This is an exclusive Web3-browsing experience, which will include layer-2 solutions.

“It’s part of Opera’s DNA to make accessing the web easier. Our users all over the world have enjoyed extreme data and privacy savings. Now it’s time to remove one of the key hurdles associated with the use of web3: exorbitant gas fees and slow network speeds.”
– Jorgen Arnesen, Opera’s EVP Mobile

This integration was made possible through collaboration with Gateway.fm, a blockchain-backend company that led the integration and helped Opera achieve it in record time by building upon DeversiFi’s existing infrastructure, which provides markets and liquidity for its swapping and trading features.

“Opera’s integration of the StarkEx solution is a gamechanger. Opera will be able to join the fun world of Ethereum DeFi with a fraction the cost by lowering the barriers of entry. These users today are being priced out of the market due to high transaction costs on Ethereum.”
– Uri Kolodny, Co-Founder & CEO at StarkWare

Layer-2 (L2)

A collective term for solutions designed to help scale applications, speed up transaction times, and lower transaction costs, layer-2 makes transactions more user and environment-friendly.

Ethereum 2.0 will provide these benefits for the whole Ethereum blockchain. However, the current layer-2 Zero Knowledge solutions were designed to manage transactions from the Ethereum mainnet. They also take advantage of layer-1 settlements and security models.

Zero-Knowledge scaling solutions use cryptography to ensure transactions’ validity and to validate it on the Ethereum mainnet. This makes it possible to process transactions faster, cheaper and with greater scalability. It also makes Ethereum transaction more intuitive.

Users can start transacting using layer-2 by installing the beta version Opera for Android. Go to Settings, then open the Crypto wallet feature. Activate the L2 Card there.

Fiat can be directly deposited by the usersvia MoonpayDeposit Eth or swap tokens from their Layer-1 wallets. From there, they’ll be able to swap and transfer tokens directly in the wallet, powered by DeversiFi. Opera browser beta for Android now supports Ethereum layer-2. Opera Crypto Browser Project, as mentioned previously, will soon integrate layer-2 solutions.

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