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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope: The ultimate guide

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NASA’s James Webb Area Telescope (JSWT) is an infrared area observatory that’s scheduled to launch on Dec 25, 2021, from ESA’s launch website at Kourou in French Guiana on board an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket. 

The $10 billion James Webb Area Telescope — NASA’s largest and strongest area science telescope — will probe the cosmos to uncover the historical past of the universe from the Big Bang to alien planet formation and past. It’s considered one of NASA’s Nice Observatories, large area devices that embrace the likes of the Hubble Area Telescope to look deep into the cosmos. 

James Webb Area Telescope: Key info

Launch date: Dec. 25, 2021.

Price (at time of launch): $10 billion.

Orbit: JWST will orbit the solar, across the second Lagrange level (L2), 1 million miles (1.5 million kilometers) from Earth. 

Major mirror dimension: 21.3 ft (6.5 meters) throughout.

Sunshield: 69.5 ft by 46.5 ft (22 meters x 12 meters).

Mass: 14,300 lbs (6,500 kg).

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