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May 2012
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how to calculate room size – Covered Area, Carpet Area, Build up Area and Super Buildup Area

Planning to buy Own House? You must be excited about it; your dream is turning into reality. But wait, there is something, you may be missing. Do you know exactly; what are the important terms, you should be familiar with before consulting any Real Estate Agents. You could be cheated, if you don’t know these terms. So here in this column, we are trying to aware people about these terms:

Classifications On the Basis of Space Used:

1. Covered Area: The area covered by roof comes under this classification. If a agent is mentioning covered area of house, you should understand his meaning..

2. Carpet Area: Carpet area is simply the area as its name whole useable area in the house. It also includes steps in the house. It is calculated by wall to wall distance in the house.

3. Build up Area: Build up area is 10% more then Carpet area. Because it includes carpet area, area of walls and ducts and half area of terrace.

4. Super Build up Area: This area is larger then above all and 25% more then build up area. It can be sum up by Build up Area+ area of common facilities like lifts, corridors, awnings, club house, and stairs. It is also referred as Salable Area..


Let carpet area= 1000 sq ft

Build up area= carpet area+ 10% .i.e. 1100 sq ft

Super built up area = Build up area+ 25% =1400 sq ft.

Now with this information, we are sure that you would not be cheated with the pranks played on you by the Bad Agents. So you know which area is for your personal use, and they can’t make you pay more by mentioning other areas with these professional terms.

They will tell you including super built area and you can guess your space in real.

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