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July 2012
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Top 10 Tips for better use of your credit cards

Now we bring a list of 10 tips for good use of your credit cards to avoid problems that could arise if you do not know how to use.
Before purchasing

1. – Compare between different credit cards. Not all cost or offer the same. Choose the one that suits your ability to pay and try to have only the necessary.

2 .- Find out about interest rates, commissions, Total Annual Cost, backup in case of loss or theft, insurance partners, benefits and responsibilities.

3 .- Before signing read your contract and any questions with the counselor.

If you already have

4 .- Take advantage of it to facilitate your payments or to cover emergencies or unexpected events. The credit card is helpful, if you use it within your budget and authorized credit line.

5 .- Do not consider extra money to spend above your means. If you start to use it to your daily intake, you can accumulate a debt that later will be difficult to pay.

6 .- covers your payments on time. Every time you stop paying your debt on time increases and can lead to a good record in your credit history.

To reduce your balances

7 .- pay more minimum monthly payment specified in the statement to reduce the amount and term of your debt, and maintain control.

8 .- Remember that you can consolidate your debts on the card that offers the lowest interest rate. If you have payment problems, leave it to use.

9 .- Cancels do not use the card. Your bank should indicate the process to do.


10 .- Always check your statement. Keep your receipts. Finally, do not forget to report the bank in a timely manner any irregularities that arise with the cards.

With these tips, you’ll have more control over your personal finances and can avoid problems with these products are of great support, but you must use responsibly and intelligently.

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