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May 2012
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TN Seshan’s version of LokPal Bill

Previous Chief Election Commissioner TN Seshan has got submitted a new draft regarding the particular Lokpal Bill and also Lokayukta to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He explained that in case the govt . and also Team Anna agree with his suggested new Lok Paldraft than it may implemented quickly.

“I have send out a draft bill on Lokpal as well as Lokayukta to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. When the Government as well as Anna agree my suggested bill can be implemented tomorrow,” Seshan stated.

He’s incorporated the lower bureaucracy in the draft stating, “by including lower bureaucracy it’ll make issues much better than they are now.”

TN Seshan included that passing a half-baked bill will simply lead to stay orders coming from courts.

Former CEC, while keeping that the actual supremacy with the Constitution as well as Parliament ought to be upheld no matter what, encouraged, “The Constitution regarding the Lokpal or even the anti-graft body ought to be just like the Election Commision.Seshan elaborated the fact that majority of the members within the anti-graft body shouldn’t be from govt so that you can preserve its credibility. Nevertheless, he stressed that the two Lokpal and also the Lokayukta must have sufficient autonomy

Joining the actual discussion about the Lokpal issue, former CEC TN Seshan on Friday asserted the supremacy of the Constitution as well as Parliament ought to be managed.

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2 Responses to “TN Seshan’s version of LokPal Bill”

  • dr q m rahman says:

    i had been trying to find the full text but failed to do so. however whatever i have gathered from tv shows i firmly believe the standing committee should carefully look into all version which will stand scrutiny of time legal process should safeguard interest of all sections of society, caste, community, religion,linguistic etc

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