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June 2012
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Stakeholder Assessment Template

TweetShare Stakeholder or Stakeholder Function Level of Support Supportive                    Against Resistance Reason A           D            C           O        M Comments Mitigation or Contingency Date                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A... 

Time Management

TweetShare Time Management:    Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs Define Activities (Planning) Scope Baseline  Decomposition Activity List   Enterprise Environmental Factors Rolling Wave Planning Activity Attributes   Organizational Process Assets Templates Milestone List     Expert Judgment             Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs Sequence Activities (Planning) Activity List Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) Project Schedule Network Diagrams   Activity... 

Human Resources Management

TweetShare Human Resources Management:    Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs Develop Human Resources Plan (Planning) Activity Resource Requirements Organization Charts and Position Description Human Resource Plan   Enterprise Environmental Factors Networking     Organizational Process Assets Organizational Theory             Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs Acquire Project Team (Executing) Project Management Plan Pre-assignment Project Staff Assignments    Enterprise... 

Procurement Management

TweetShare Procurement Management:    Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs Plan Procurements (planning) Scope Baseline Make-or-Buy Analysis Procurement Management Plan   Requirements Documentation Expert Judgment Procurement Statement of Work   Teaming Agreement Contract Types Make-or-Buy Decision   Risk Register   Procurement Documents    Risk Related Contract Decisions   Source Selection Criteria   Activity Resource Requirements   Change Requests   Project... 

Risk Management

TweetShare Risk Management:    Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs Plan Risk Management (Planning) Project Scope Statement Planning Meetings Risk Management Plan   Cost Management plan       Schedule Management Plan       Communications Management Plan       Enterprise Environmental Factors       Organizational Process Assets               Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs Identify Risks (Planning) Risk Management Plan  Documentation Review Risk... 

What is a Project Charter ?

TweetShare  Project Charter Definition A Project Charter is a “living document” which records what is known and planned about a selected project Purpose Of A Charter A charter provides a common place for project information to be stored, revised, and shared. It is the official “work authorization” document that allows the project team to execute the initiative and “consume” required resources when it has been approved by the senior management and steering committee. Critical Elements... 


TweetSharePMP FORMULAE EV = Earned Value: What is the estimated value of the work actually accomplished PV = Planned Value: What is the estimated value of the work planned to be done AC = Actual Cost: What is the actual cost incurred for the work accomplished BAC = Budget at Completion (the budget): How much did we BUDGET for the TOTAL roject effort EAC = Estimate at Completion: What do we currently expect the TOTAL project to cost? (a forecast) ETC = Estimate to Complete: From this point on, how... 

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