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May 2012
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Swot analysis on is the world’s largest marketplace that hires freelancers and entrepreneurs. It outsources people from around the world for small and large market places. outsources anything or any project you want, the projects they offer start from $30-$200 it provides a great platform for the individuals who are ready to do some productive work sitting at home.


  • help you post your projects within seconds and you get contractors for your work within days
  • Projects of different categories have been posted which makes it easy for the contractors to select the desired one
  • Approximately 3,370,261 employers and freelancers apply from 234 different countries over the globe
  • Startive Capital are the ones investing  them and they invest happily because earns a good name
  • Different projects like Software, writing, data entry and designing fascinate the freelancers
  • They are award holders in many different categories
  • You get quality work
  • Different quotes written by the freelancers gives the guarantee  that is working effectively


  • Authenticity becomes a problem when it comes to online services, should enhance its authenticity and reliability in order to maintain loyal employers and freelancers
  • only pays the freelancer if only they are happy with their projects or work done. They do not see whether  hard work was done by the contractor
  • Cultural differences from over the globe become a problem for many freelancers to work freely
  • Making money is not a problem but when it comes to the payment online service hesitate in paying. This is the weakness that hits the list


  • They can provide their employees or freelancers mobile options, so that the freelancers can easily use the website and do their work using their cell phone
  • Inviting friends of friends can be easily done. can get more freelancers
  • By becoming a socially responsible online firm, can earn a good name and image
  • By hiring a good management team, the firm can reach success


  • Similar platforms providing the same jobs, with more security and more money can be a threat for
  • In the fast running world where different companies are upcoming with freelancing it becomes difficult to survive if the company does not work effectively
  • The fear of the account getting hacked always remains while you are working online

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