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June 2012
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SWOT Analysis of Odesk freelancing site

Swot analysis is a method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which any company faces while making a new project or any business venture. This helps the company button down their objectives. The strengths of the business are the ones that give advantage to it over others. Likewise weaknesses result to the disadvantages as compared to others. Next, opportunities which are the external chances to improve the performance of the business. Finally the threats, these are the external elements that cause trouble for the business venture.

Firms around the world do SWOT analysis in order to identify their objectives, let us perform a SWOT analysis of an online firm which provides platform for connecting to the remote workers. Many companies of the same sort are currently working; they post different projects online so that the contractors may apply to their perfect match. Odesk actually hires freelancers

Let’s look into the objectives of Odesk, objective is to provide the freelancers with projects so that the contractors get themselves busy doing some productive work. Let’s analyze odesk using SWOT analysis.


The strengths of Odesk are that it is new platform for the youngsters all over the world who wish to work sitting at home and earn money, it provides work to the freelancers who in their spare slots can come up with something productive, it is a bridge that connects the clients and the contractors and helps maintain a business relationship. Odesk is very successful in the area where it chooses to specialize.


It has come into notice that Odesk has many flaws and drawbacks. Projects posted on Odesk are not from the independent clients, they seek outsourcing of employees for as little money as possible instead of looking for experts to solve their problems. It faces problems related to the fixed working hours; they do not compromise on their fixed rates.


Odesk has the opportunity of bringing together the clients and the contractors without any geographical limitations. People fear about the leakage of their confidential information on internet, Odesk by providing a better security to their employees can increase the opportunity in such a way that more people will apply to their jobs if their security is better. Better projects can be provided and better fixed rates can help a lot


Similar other platforms working online for freelancers can be a great threat to Odesk, which would offer better working rates and better projects and a better security for the contractors. To overcome the threats Odesk should work efficiently and effectively and provide their employees with the best service.

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