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May 2012
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Swot analysis of Google

Swot analysis of Google

Google is a famous search engine known by everyone. People use Google every minute and every second from around the world to gain information or to do any kind of research work. People of all age groups use Google frequently. It is one of the most powerful search engines in the whole world

Google too has some ways of achieving the objectives which are known by the Swot analysis.


  • The simple outlay helps all the users to use it without any ambiguity.
  • Very well organized information.
  • The speed of this search engine is extremely fast, information can be gathered within no seconds
  • Has a successful brand equity and brand image
  • Frequently used search engine worldwide
  • Additional services
  • Reputation and its familiarity over the world
  • It is user friendly
  • Customer/User loyalty
  • Remains profitable even in the times of recession
  • Useful advertising tool on the World Wide Web


  • It is difficult to differentiate between the real contents and the fake ones
  • Information can be manipulated
  • Other contents of Google like Google maps, Google finance, Google book etc are not known to the people
  • Filtering of the information and the material supplied
  • The research is not the expert research
  • Has a risk of dead ends
  • It is not translated into many languages
  • The content is random


  • Google allows people to download eBooks within 10-20 seconds
  • Google can gain its revenue through telecommunication products
  • Google can reach new contents
  • Google sponsors some of the online ads, it can earn its revenue through those sponsored ads
  • Other sites like Picasa, YouTube, Android are associated with Google


  • Google Once had a monopoly over the market, now it had to face immense completion with the sites like Wikipedia, etc
  • Users sometimes get confused between the information
  • Sometimes people end up getting wrong and fake information
  • Google is suffering loses due to the recession
  • Users expect more quality and authentic work
  • Google does not motivate their contract employers

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