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May 2012
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SWOT analysis of Facebook

Swot analysis becomes a must for any company as it starts. Knowing the company’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat is an important task to do. Swot analysis makes it easy to obtain the objectives easily; it acts as a milestone between achieving the objective. Likewise other companies operating in the world Facebook is an online network which connects you to your old buddies and lets you have long hour conversations and an opportunity to upload your photographs so that finding your old friends becomes easy.

Strengths: This shows the characteristics of a company which makes it better or preferable over other companies.

Weakness: Refers to limitations of the firm or disadvantages it faces over other companies.

Opportunity: These are the chances to make greater profits using external sources from within the environment.

Threats: Trouble causing external elements which cause problems for the firms.

Let’s look in to the analysis of Facebook.


  • It is one of the top leading networking sites with over millions of people connecting to each other every second.
  • It has been ranked 2nd among the top 500 networking sites.
  • It has an advantage that it has been translated into 70 languages so that people in any country of the world can use it easily.
  • Diversification is the main strength, it has diversified revenues.
  • It has the facility of video conferencing.
  • Has a strong brand name.
  • Management team is the most efficient management team known.
  • Market share highest among the networking sites.
  • It is a platform for different people around the world where they can share their ideas and reconnect.
  • Has several applications and means of entertainments.
  • Instant messaging features, wall post.
  • Has a very strong financial position.
  • Quick adaptability regarding technology.
  • Reputable networking site.
  • Loyal customers with regular online growth.


  • Irrelevant applications.
  • Major reason of wasting the time.
  • Pages cannot be customized.
  • Liabilities regarding its use like bugs and problems. Users face problem in operating website due to this.
  • Facebook faces a lot of problems when people delete the posts on their walls.
  • Managing operations at times becomes difficult when people at the same time use applications, play games, chat among the friends.
  • Proper feedback is not given, instead FAQ’s are used.


  • As everyone is aware of facebook, buying and selling can be done via facebook.
  • Surveys and polls can easily be conducted to collect business data.
  • Innovation can be an opportunity to facebook.
  • They can take over the networking sites easily.
  • Business partners can be easily created where information is shared easily.
  • Facebook can expand its roots in the international market.
  • Applications can become a source of income if they are properly designed.
  • People connect using their cell phones without being disconnected from their routine work.
  • Has become an address book by default for the facebook users.


  • Competitors are arising day by day. Twitter, Orkut, Hi5, and Myspace.
  • Spamming is the greatest threat to the users of facebook.
  • Privacy settings keep changing from time to time and users have to change the settings frequently.
  • Youth exploits people using facebook
  • Millions of photos and information is leaked every year.
  • People face boredom using the same applications.
  • The social networking sites are trying to get hold of facebook.

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