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June 2013
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What is SpeakAsia and how it works

SpeakAsia is an online Survey company from singapore and has started its operations in India. The offical website of the company is called speakasiaonline and they have offices in Delhi and Mumbai.They have grown fast from 1 lac customer base to 12 lacs in the last 6 months. People have benefitted and they have tie up with all the major banks in India such as ICICI,SBI,AXIS,BOI,SBH,IDBI etc. They have a robut online system and you can work from your home and do your business.

The concept is very simple. You get paid for giving your opinion in the form of survey. You get paid 10$ per survey. Every week 2 surveys, so in a month you get 8 surveys and therefore 80$ per month. The investment is 220 $ for 1 year. Please feel free to call us and understand the right process  and get the right guidance. We are here to support your queries and give you a strong downline and support.

PLease call us and we would help you in supporting us in making an account for you and giving you the support .

For more details, drop me an email on

Payments will be made as soon as your referrals join us as a panelist. Working with Speak Asia is perfectly legal. Our online research panels for market research are legally accepted worldwide. And so is our referral program that rewards you for your extra efforts.

Procedure Of Joining Speak Asia is Very Simple:-

Register….You can quickly register and start earning rewards in five simple steps.

To register as a “Standard Panelist” you may purchase subscription for 26 issues of Online Surveys Today E-bulletin for $120. I.e $120*50 = Rs.6000/-

Plz Note:- Speak Asia Can Change The Subscription Price At Any Time.

To register as a “Premium Panelist” you may purchase subscription for 52 issues of Online Surveys Today E-bulletin for $220. I.e $220*50 = Rs.11000/-

Plz Note:- Speak Asia Can Change The Subscription Price At Any Time.

Step 2

Fill up your registration form along with your subscription code.

isit :-

Fill Sponsor User ID :- mj123

Step 3

Your Speak Asia username and password will be displayed and mailed to you.

Step 4

Login to Speak Asia website with your username and password.

Step 5

Every time you login, you can participate in companies activities such as study of ezines , advertisement , surveys on a subject or a product which will get you reward points. These reward points can be redeemed for buying products / services and subscriptions . Un utilized reward points can also to transferred upon request to your bank account .

(7) Number Of Panel’s & Sub-Panel’s A Person Can Buy :-

One person can buy 3 panel’s however rest two panel’s must have different profile’s of your family member’s. On one panel you can add 9 sub-panel’s.

(8) How Much Can You Earn With Speak Asia?

(a) As a “standard panelist” you can earn $10*52 weeks = 520*50 = rs.26000/- p.a from 1 standard panel for filling up 1 survey per week.

(b) As a “premium panelist” you can earn $10*2*52 weeks = 1040*50 = rs.52000/- p.a from 1 premium panel for filling up 2 survey’s per week.

(c) If you refer someone to speak asia you will get $20 = rs.1000/- as bonus plus you are entitled for royalty of $1.5 = rs.75/- per survey/week depending upon the panel subscribed by your refferal.

(d) For every pair under your binary tree you will get $20 = rs.1000/- per pair.

(10) What is the UPS Of Speak Asia?

It doesn’t encourage you to get referral’s to get paid, its completely your wish to get referral’s to earn more.

(11) Whether Speak Asia Pay’s Or Not?

Yes , Speak Asia pay’s you to have an opinion. All people who have enrolled for the last 6 months have got credit in their bank accounts on time

For more details, drop me an email on

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7 Responses to “What is SpeakAsia and how it works”

  • Geetha says:

    Kindly give me more details on what are surveys and what you mean by ‘opinions on surveys’.Also is there an age limit or any other conditions to join this.

    • admin says:

      Survey will consist of 15-20 question on a product or service. Example: DO you use Nokia mobile phone or Samsung mobile phone. what re the features you like , Are you planning to buy a mobile soon, etc

      There is an age limit :-) ..People below 18 are not allowed to join. In case you are below 18, I am sorry :-)

  • admin says:

    For more details, Call on +919076254862 to clear your doubts and become a speakasia member. The rates are increasing to Rs 15,000 from 20th May 2011.

  • admin says:

    Notice to Speakasians…( taken from the website of speakasia)

    It has come to our notice that recently some unknown miscreants have been calling up panelists of Speak Asia and asking them about their Speak Asia Online login passwords and transaction passwords.

    This is to bring to your notice that Speak Asia does not call up panelists and ask panelists about their personal login and transaction passwords. We therefore urge all Speak Asians not to disclose their login password and transaction passwords to such callers.

    Please be aware of such calls because if you disclose your login and transaction passwords, your Speak Asia account may get hacked and you may lose control of your Speak Asia account

  • Kareena Mistry says:

    Hello, I am from Delhi and would like to be part of the Mumbai team as most of the speakasia things happens in Mumbai. Is that possible. I dont want to go through the frachisee as I didnt get any support from them as they are interested only in selling pins. I need some knowledgable support from someone.

  • admin says:

    Yes, You can be part of Mumbai team and we are happy to sign you up. You can the best updates from our team as we come to know of the latest happening and can help you with the power leg :-) . Franchises are responsible and we can guide you to get your pins from them also.The best idea is to join our team and spread the message across india.

  • Soby says:

    I was very encouraged to find this site. The reason being that this is such an informative post. I wanted to thank you for this informative analysis of the subject. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I submitted your site to some of the biggest social networks so others can find your blog.

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