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May 2012
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KBC 2011 – Jodi Special registration details

Registration  for Jodi Special on KBC 2011

Who will be able to register?
Anybody who is an Indian citizen, residing in India, of 18 years or over on the day of registration and is related as per the Jodi Relationships (identified down below) can register for Kaun Banega Crorepati Jodi Special. One person from a Jodi Pair is required to register on behalf of the Jodi Pair, however, both persons are required to be 18 years or higher.
Jodi Relationships are defined as below:
• Siblings
• Parent-Child
• Grandparent-Grandchild
• Cousins
• Husband-Wife
• In-laws (mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law)
• Uncle/Aunt-Nephew/Niece
When will the lines be available for Jodi registration?
A. Registration lines (both IVRS : phone as well as SMS – message) will be open from 20:30:00 hrs on August 25, 2011, as soon as the Jodi question goes on air, until 20:29:59 hrs on August 26, 2011 for all viewers. The plan of on-air registration questions during this period will be as listed below:
Lines open up on 25-Aug-11: 20:30:00 and also shuts on 26-Aug-11 : 20:29:59
Furthermore, with regard to Idea subscribers, the registrations lines (both IVRS – phone and SMS – messaging) are open up exclusively from 20:30:00 Hrs on August 31, 2011 until 20:29:59 Hrs on September 1, 2011. The schedule of on-air registration questions during this time period will be as below:
Question Lines open up on 31-Aug-11 – 20:30:00 and also closes on 1-Sep-11 : 20:29:59
Do you know the different of methods of registration?
You may register by responding to the on-air question through an SMS or by contacting the IVR number. The operator wise registration details of the numbers to be dialled with regard to IVR and short code for sending SMS with the answer options are listed below:
Operator – Idea
Number is 554567
IVR is 55456
Options are 01, 02, 03, 04
Q.On what number and in which format do I have to send the SMS?
A. Subscribers of all operators can send in their SMSs to 5252525. If you are an Idea subscriber, you may send in your SMS to 554567.
All registration through SMSs needs to be in the following format:
“KBC <space>< A/B/C/D> <space><Age in completed years> <space><Gender>”. e.g.: If the correct answer to the question aired is “A” according to you, you’re 21 years and 10 months old and are a male; you are required to send “KBC A 21 M”. One individual from a Jodi Pair is needed to register with the above mentioned information on behalf of the Jodi Pair.
During the particular telecom partner week, the subscribers of the telecom partner are required to send SMSs in the following format:
“KBC <space>< Answer Option (A/B/C/D)>”e.g.: If the correct answer to the question broadcast is “A” according to you, you need to send “KBC A”.

For more details , keep watching the show and check on the offical website of Sony TV

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