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May 2012
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How does Safe Depository investment work?

How does the  Safe Depository investment work ?

The Company offers trading system based on the world stock market. Where they get their funds? Their funds are from the new investors with a small amount they invest. In which funds carried out into automated software systems for stock trading to gain big profit.

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How much do you get from your investment?

The company offers different kinds of online investment opportunities .

Virtual Funds: This is ideal for new investors and who want to try out with a minimum online investment of $10.

Virtax Fund offers 1.6% daily interest with a minimum deposit of $10 with an investment period of 150 business days.

For example if you deposit $100 for as early as 5 days with a 1.6% you can gain $8. Moreover, after 150 days after receiving the principal returned you can reinvest your profit.

Next, the company offers Rovasion Fund; this is an excellent choice for the investors with an amount starting from USD/EVR 1000 with a daily stable profit.

How much do you can get from this investment?

It offers 1.8 % daily rate with a minimum deposit range of $1000 with an investment period of 150 business days.

For example if you invest $ 1000 after 5 days you can gain, $900. For the investors no need you to worry about risk in your investment because the company assigned multiple fund managers to monitor the stock market.

How can i get 2% discount daily?

Through Orston Fund Approach, they offer 2% daily with a minimum deposit of $5000 and 150-business days investment period. After 150 days you will received your returned principal. This is a good choice for investors who want to invest big fund with a secure investment management who monitor daily risks that they may encounter. Same with other funds you can reinvest your profit to gain more profit.

How a certain business or company can invest? How much do they can get?

The company offers Grand Fund and it gives the biggest profit percentage among other funds. They say that if your invest big, there is a possibility of big risk, yes it’s true but the company make sure to cater all the needs of the customers and they monitor possible risk and make sure to solve it as early as possible. On the other hand, they plan strategies to avoid risk in the trading process.

How much do they get?

They offer 2.3% daily rate with an investment period of 150 days excluding Saturdays and Sundays, with a minimum deposit range of $40,000. Imagine of having $920 profit daily. For more information, register

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