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August 2012
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Daily questions on KBC 5 – Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot

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In every episode of KBC 5 , Amitabh Bachan is asking questions to every viewers on Sony TV.


We are listing down the questions which are asked every day by Amitabh Bachan.This is a very innovative way by Sony to attract viewer participation in Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot contest. The viewers have around 24 hrs to send their answers to the television channel.This time they also have a concept of Manchaha Padav which allows users to set their desired amount to play in the game

You can send it by SMS to the numbers mentioned on the television

August 17, 2011

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of which month ?

a.) Ashad
b.) karthik
c.) Shravan
d.) Paush

August 18,2011

Complete the phrase – Aaam ke aam , ___________

A.)Pyar ka paigaam

B.)Qudrat ka inaam

C.)Swad ke Kaam

D.) Guthai ke dhaam

August 22,2011

Question : Tell the name of the god who used to attract Gopis in Gokul with the music of flute in his young age

Which god, as a young boy used to attract Gopis of Gokul with the sound of his flute?
A – Kamadeva
B – Narada
C – Kartikeya
D – Krishna

August 23,2011

Which of this animal has a hump on its back ?

A.) elephant
b.) zebra
C.) camel
D.) rhinoceres

August 24,2011

Which of the following is also know as elder brother ?

A. anna
B. abba
C. ammu
D. aapa

August 25,2011

If someone is planning to do padyatra, how will he be travelling ?
A. by rath
B. by foot
D. by palki
August 29 ,2011
With respect to transportation, what is an expressway ?
A. Runway
B. Highway
C. Waterway
D. Railway
August 31 ,2011
As per tradition , Custom of exchanging “Jaimala” is used
A. retirement
B. wedding
C. travelling overseas
D. convocation
Idea Special Question – September 1,2011
what is the colloquial Hindi term for wandering around for fun ?
A. Zabardasti
B. Matargashti
C. Tandurusti
D. Sarparasti
September 5,2011

Which animals upper body is covered in a thick shell ?


September 8, 2011

If a person uses his offical post to favor his friend or relative it is called as ?
A. Jija saala
B. jungle raj
C. samantavad
D. bhai bhatija

September 12,2011

What do you mean by the associate”Boxoffice”

A.) newspaper

B.) television rating

C.) feature films

D.) FM radio

September 14,2011

In a game of football who is allowed to touch the ball with the hand.





September 15, 2011

In the financial market, Which of the following is called “yellow metal”

A. platinum
B. gold
C. iron ore
D. copper

September 20, 2011

what were the  Sons of Raja Dhirtarshtra collectively called ?

A. pandav

B. gandharva

C. kaurava

D. Bhairava

September 21, 2011

Which of these chemicals is used in a thermometer to measure temperature ?

A. Iodine

B. Mercury

C. Platinium

D. Radium

September 22.2011

In which of the following  films does the hero  play double role ?

A. Chandni chow to china
B. Whats your raashee
C. Kites
D. Kaminey

September 26, 2011

Can you expand the term “BPl” with respect to income levels in India ?


Septemeber 27,2011

What do you mean if you are watching a “Chalchitra” ?

A.Painting Exhibition

B.Watching a cricket match


September 28, 2011

Which of these insects is known for producing light?

A : Tilchatta

B: Jugnu

C : Tataiyaa

D : Titli

September 29,2011

Which of these phrases would you use while asking someone to sit down ?
Options :
A: Shab Ba-Khair
B: Tashreef rakhiye
C: Nosh Farmaiyye
D: Kushaamdid

October 3th , 2011

Which of these Hindi is used to describe a hunger strike ?

A-  Annagiri
B- Annaprashan
C- Annakut
D-  Anshan

October 4, 2011

Which of these would usually glow in the dark ?
Options :
A: Silver
B: Aluminium
C: Radium
D: Gold

October 5,2011

In a game of football, which of these determine victory or defeat ?
Options :
A: Runs
B: Points
C: Sets
D: Goals

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