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May 2012
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Competitors of Groupon in USA

The name Groupon is not unfamiliar in USA. This online business venture has gained international popularity with its genius business idea and especially the major discount offers that it provides its subscribers with.

Where internet provides many online entrepreneurs with quite a few benefits, the advantages are not sustainable. Groupon did reach a value of 1 billion dollars in 2011 but the way this daily deals business category is growing, and gathering from the news that Groupon even rejected the takeover offer, amounting to $1 billion, from Google it seems that Groupon is looking at quite a lot of competition in the near future.

Groupon still is enjoying the position of the pioneer in this kind of business but it’s not the default position of Groupon that is keeping it going. The competitors of Groupon in USA still have some steps to take in order to reach to the level of Groupon.

The competitors of Groupon in USA do not have as big a reach as Groupon has because of the first mover advantage that Groupon gained. The most successful of the competitors of Groupon in USA is said to be the Living Social venture which is owned by Google.

There are other competitors of Groupon in USA like Buy With Me, Tippr and DealOn but despite the presence of hundreds of companies following in the footsteps of Groupon, Groupon still reserves the majority of the market share because of the wide distribution network and customer base that it has maintained up till now and because of the trust that it has built while serving its subscribers with the best quality services that there was in this particular business category.

The daily deals category is looking at a lot of potential for growth and not only because of the low startup costs that are required to set up this business venture but also because this particular business idea capitalizes on the idea of consumerism which is widespread in a country like USA. Many small daily deal sites have sprung up now. Some specialize in selling to people in a particular state and some specialize in catering to only the local people.

The small daily deal sites may be very small competitors of Groupon in USA but they are still attempting to take up a very small portion of Groupon’s market share and collectively, hundreds of these small competitors of Groupon in USA has a significant market share, though less than Groupon but still quite significant.

It is however evident from the growing trend of these little competitors of Groupon in USA that these small online ventures are there to stay. What is helping these competitors to stay is not only the low operational costs but also the way they have used their smaller reach to an advantage by telling the subscribers that they are focusing on only the locals. With continuous innovation, these competitors of Groupon in USA might be able to book a permanent place for themselves in daily deals business category.

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