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May 2012
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Archive for the ‘Management Fundamentals’ Category

Concept of Corporate Restructuring

TweetShareHow does Corporate Restructuring work ? Any company in business organization undergoes change on a continual basis. Often the change is forced upon the company by external environment, such as competition, technology etc. Wiser Corporations foresee the external changes well in advance & change themselves accordingly. Whereas, not so wiser ones are forced to change in due course of time or else perish. However, not all the changes that a company undergoes would qualify to be termed... 

What is SpeakAsia and how it works

TweetShare SpeakAsia is an online Survey company from singapore and has started its operations in India. The offical website of the company is called speakasiaonline and they have offices in Delhi and Mumbai.They have grown fast from 1 lac customer base to 12 lacs in the last 6 months. People have benefitted and they have tie up with all the major banks in India such as ICICI,SBI,AXIS,BOI,SBH,IDBI etc. They have a robut online system and you can work from your home and do your business. The concept... 

Conducting and Facilitating a Meeting

TweetShareFollowing are the key steps while conducting a meeting. Create agenda Identify participants & ensure all critical participants attend the meeting Send meeting invite with the agenda as an attachment Arrive early to the meeting and verify meeting room is ready with all required equipment Have a designated scribe to: Have a designated time keeper to ensure the timeframes set forth in the agenda are being held to Start the meeting on time Establish the meeting goals/objectives with the... 

Team Building – Dealing with different Personalities

TweetShareDealing With Different Personalities: Following are the strategies to be adopted while dealing with the following personalities: The Leader – the most complex behavior to manage. Make sure to focus his/her energy in order to keep the workshop under control. The Producer – contributes with a lot of idea. Make sure to get him/her involved whenever additional ideas are needed. The Facilitator – likes having the workshop move forward. Make sure to get him/her involved when tense discussions... 

Business Lesson from Hospitals & Doctors

TweetShareRecently I attended a lecture from a renowned doctor in US who completed his MBA from Harvard University and was trying to relate the hospital environment and the business environment. Some of the points which come to my mind is as follows 1.)    In an hospital the patient is always greeted “Good Morning” which brings in some energy and enthusiasm. When multiple people like doctors, nurses and the staff greet in the early part of the day the patient really feels good and is motivated... 


TweetShareLeadership Without good leadership, initiatives have very little chance of succeeding. Leadership is an entire program onto itself, however there are some key characteristics that we will cover here: –     Responsibilities –     Qualities –     Styles Leadership needs to be provided at all levels, however during initiative execution, leadership needs to be publically displayed by: –     The initiative sponsor –     The initiative champion –     The... 

What is a Business Case ?

TweetShare  What is a Business Case ? A Business Case describes why a one initiative is more important then all the other opportunities currently being prioritized. It communicates the need for the initiative in terms of meeting business annual goals and objectives.  •This case answers two primary questions: 1.What is the business motivation for considering the project?  2.What is our general area of focus for the improvement effort? •In addition, the Business Case answers these additional... 

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