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May 2012
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Archive for the ‘Banking’ Category

Procedure to get your credit worth online from CIBIL for Rs 450

TweetShareWhy do you need a credit report score from CIBIL ? Your credit score plays a crucial role inside the loan approval process. Your credit score gives loan providers an indication of one’s capability to pay back a loan, based on your Credit Info Report (CIR). Even so, it is critical to note that each and every loan provider, that makes use of the CIBIL TransUnion Score, has its own benchmark of what constitutes a “good” score. By way of example, a score of 670 may be an adequate... 

how to calculate room size – Covered Area, Carpet Area, Build up Area and Super Buildup Area

TweetSharePlanning to buy Own House? You must be excited about it; your dream is turning into reality. But wait, there is something, you may be missing. Do you know exactly; what are the important terms, you should be familiar with before consulting any Real Estate Agents. You could be cheated, if you don’t know these terms. So here in this column, we are trying to aware people about these terms: Classifications On the Basis of Space Used: 1. Covered Area: The area covered by roof comes under this... 

FIXED vs RECURRING DEPOSITS – deposit schemes

TweetShareMostly people get confused about the two schemes: Fixed Deposit (FD) and Recurring Deposit (RD). The emphasis is on selecting the best option to save their valued money. We are going to suggest by giving quality knowledge about these two options. Both the schemes prove to be beneficial for depositors according to their needs. We are explaining here the situations to choose the best scheme according to their current position. : The Fixed Deposit scheme is best when you have a huge amount,... 

How to choose a fixed interest or floating interest home loan

TweetShareHome Loan is a big deal between the seeker and Loan providers like Finance or Banks.  While taking home loan, you have to decide the way of return. There are two ways available Fixed Interest Rate Loans and Floating Interest Rate Loan. These two options have their own Merits and Demerits. So you should make choice with smart analysis of your income and the market interest rates. Let’s have a sharp look on the two methods, what exactly they offer and in what manner? Fixed Interest Rate... 

Advantages of Credit Cards

TweetShareWhat are the advantages of credit cards? Broadly, the advantages of credit cards are: Allow better control of family finances, reflecting movements in detail Enable online shopping Allow to defer payment and return after a month without extra cost     (except for revolving cards) Some return a percentage of purchases (gasoline purchases at certain     stores, etc.). Some include points programs Some include insurance (such as Citibank Citi Gold) There are some advantages to consider.... 

Top 10 Tips for better use of your credit cards

TweetShareNow we bring a list of 10 tips for good use of your credit cards to avoid problems that could arise if you do not know how to use. Before purchasing 1. – Compare between different credit cards. Not all cost or offer the same. Choose the one that suits your ability to pay and try to have only the necessary. 2 .- Find out about interest rates, commissions, Total Annual Cost, backup in case of loss or theft, insurance partners, benefits and responsibilities. 3 .- Before signing read... 

ICICI Bank FD rate

TweetShare This blog shows the current interest (as of July 1,2011) provided by ICICI bank fd rate.These fixed deposit are subject to change as per RBI regulation from time to time Date: July 1,2011 Source :These details are updated from the offical website of ICICI bank Rates of Interest (% p.a.) for Fixed deposit  w.e.f May 19, 2011 Maturity Period in days Interest rate for General public Interest rate for Senior Citizen ** 7 days to 14 days 3.75 4.25 15... 

What is Tradefinance

TweetShareTrade Finance Overview Trade is a basic necessity of any commercial environment. On account of inherent competencies a country or an organization (defined collectively as party or parties) rarely, if ever, produces everything it needs. This means that such parties are dependent upon one another for those products that they need but they themselves do not produce. When goods need to be moved from one party to another across national boundaries, the following considerations apply: q  The... 

What is Mortgage ?

TweetShareMortgage A loan is secured by the collateral of some specified real estate property, in which the borrower is obligated to make a predetermined set of payments to repay the loan. When financing is involved in a real estate purchase, it is important to understand if it will be subject to the title or lien theory of mortgages. The way in which a state will interpret how mortgage law is followed will be determined by which type of theory is practiced in state. Each type of theory has special... 

Functions of an Investment Bank

TweetShareClient Coverage: The Investment Bank covers corporations and institutions and maintains relationships with diverse companies.  The breadth and depth of the client franchise, coupled with an unparalleled product base and unique branding. Credit and Rate Markets: Credit & Rate Markets advises clients on, and executes, fixed income capital raising, providing a global distribution network and liquidity in debt instruments.  It designs tailored and innovative risk management solutions... 

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