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June 2012
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Case study of Groupon

Case study of Groupon

How does the company work

There are so many businesses which are run online on the Internet with various sites available, such a marketing website which is very popular among all other sites is Groupon, a leading group all over the world. This group was launched and created by Andrew Mason in the month of November 2006. It is actually a website where you can see ads from different advertisers providing you services with discounts on various types of gifts, foods, entertainment or anything else you want to buy. You would have seen many people doing marketing in their businesses and it is fact that without marketing you cannot earn enough money. Thus, marketing plays very important role in boosting up the business you do. It provides their customers with what they have promised them to offer and let them speak for those discounts as a satisfaction. You can see Groupon has got good marketing by providing their customers with a coupon where they can have very attractive discounts on particular things they are intended to buy.

How does groupon give coupons to their customers

Groupon has tremendous offers for their customers to get more and more with a coupon, like a discount card while purchasing the daily product. Once the customer is served with a highly impressive discount they are definitely going to inform others for such offers which are only available at Groupon. Consequently, this strategy makes them have a good marketing base in all respects in comparison to others. There is very important factor that has made revolutionary change in Groupon business is the time limitation of the coupon they give their customers for discount purposes. Once a customer has got a coupon it gets expired within predestined timing very shortly, therefore the customer think about making deals very quickly as soon as possible. On the other hand, one more reason to reach at their customers is to have testimonials, and it is presumed notion by many people that they are eager to see testimonials. So, the Groupon is doing exactly the same thing for their customers.

What is driving Groupon’s business model

Finally, the only strategy r about Groupon by which customers are attracted tremendously is discount they offer. For instance if you are visiting Groupon site and you are seeing ads with coupon offering even unexpected discounts of 80% off the price, you are intending to buy. So, promising your customers with what exactly you offer plays as major role in the business success otherwise you are going to be considered as a fake.

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