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December 2012
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Business Lesson from Hospitals & Doctors

Recently I attended a lecture from a renowned doctor in US who completed his MBA from Harvard University and was trying to relate the hospital environment and the business environment. Some of the points which come to my mind is as follows

1.)    In an hospital the patient is always greeted “Good Morning” which brings in some energy and enthusiasm. When multiple people like doctors, nurses and the staff greet in the early part of the day the patient really feels good and is motivated to be back on the feet

2.)     It can also be seen that in an hospital environment, care is taken to make sure that the patient is special and everyone cares for the individual. We need to apply the same concept out there in the business world as it would help employees to be considered as human beings adding value to the organization rather than machines doing some automated work.

3.)    It can be seen that the staff in the hospital is always patient and listening to the patient’s concerns thereby giving assurance and relief in the long run. The same analogy applies in the business world where senior management needs to focus on hearing the concerns of the employees and addressing it to benefit the organization.

4.)    Doctors are always concerned about the patients in terms of their well beings and would even sacrifice the personal time to ensure that their patients is take care and recovers fast. In the same way management needs to focus on employee care and ensure that they are taken when they are employees and the desired facilities needs to be provided

5.)    Quality is of utmost concern for the doctor as it affects the health of the patient. Similarly in a manufacturing company the management needs to ensure the workers are taken the utmost care in terms of the hygiene factors and the safety requirements

6.)    The doctor and the patient always share a good rapport and the intention of the doctor is to ensure the patients does well in his health and personal life. Similarly managements needs to ensure that employees need to be handled very well as they are very core to the organization in terms of intellectual capital ,understanding of business processes etc

7.)    After a patient is discharged, he regularly comes to meet the doctor for checkups and the doctor ensures that his health is doing well. In case of any issues, the patient is given the right medication or advise.

The learning’s I got from the session was that if managements of growing organizations focuses more on the people aspects they would grow at a faster pace due to better employee contribution, less attritions and retained knowledge base within the organization

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